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Can We Trust Marc Trestman


Can Marc Trestman lead the Bears to a Super Bowl victory?

Can Marc Trestman lead the Bears to a Super Bowl victory?

Marc Trestman has been heralded as a quarterback genius, coaching many superstars including our very own Jay Cutler. Some fans adore Trestman and are looking forward to seeing the Bears making the playoffs and winning a Super Bowl. Others are not so fond of Trestman and believe that his coaching success in the Canadian Football League cannot be transferred to the NFL. I am one of those fans that adores Trestman and I anticipate that he will coach the Bears to multiple postseason appearances and hopefully a Super Bowl win. Even if you are not sold on Trestman yet, at least agree that he is an extensive upgrade from Lovie Smith. Trestman knows how to manage the clock and challenges plays at the right time, opposite from what Lovie Smith did. Trestman has won all three plays that he has challenged this season. Smith did not know when to challenge and always had the same dumbfounded look on his face after a questionable play. Smith just simply did not know what to do. If Smith was still coaching today for the Bears, they would have been 1-2. Two out of the three wins this season were decided by one possession. Both challenges that Trestman won were on scoring or near scoring plays. He basically had the guts to challenge and helped the Bears win both of those games. Trestman also knows how to manage the clock. He uses his timeouts at the perfect times and he really thinks out when to use them. Lovie called timeouts at unnecessary times. For instance, I can recall one game where Lovie called a timeout with 2:01 left in the second quarter. To me, this makes no sense whatsoever. In one second, the Bears would have gotten an automatic timeout for the two-minute warning. This foolishness cost the Bears a valuable timeout that could have been used at a more crucial time. It seems like most players on the team respect Trestman as well. Not everyone really liked Lovie because he had a “dog house”. He benched some players for only one mistake or simply because he did not like them. One player who was in that “dog house” was Zachary Bowman. He made one small hiccup in a game in 2011 and has been benched the rest of 2011 and 2012. With the Trestman regime in, players get another chance to impress Trestman and play in some games. They respect Trestman because he does not hold grudges. To conclude, Trestman has a great mind for the game and can become a successful coach in the NFL. Hopefully he can take the Bears to the Super Bowl and bring the Lombardi Trophy back to Chicago.


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